Dreams and Cats.

Every now and then I actually remember my dreams. Normally I remember a general outline or the main theme of them, but the one last night was vivid and I remember it well. The part I remember the most was when I was trying to buy a new car. It was a tough decision because it was between a Porsche 911 GT3, Ferrari 458, Ford GT, and a Koenigsegg. Now I can't actually afford any of these but it would be nice. On a side note I would pick the Porsche.

Over the last week a very bizarre thing has been happening in my house. One of Whitney's(Fiance) cats has taken to sleeping in the dog crate. I always thought that cats prefer to stay up high e.g. on top of the washing machine, where he normally is.

Don't worry the crate remains unlocked and he can go in and out as he sees fit. I just find it very strange and funny.

Also I am in the process of trying to find some pictures for reference for a Sherlock Holmes tattoo that I want to get. I would like an antique door knocker that has his address on on, 221B Baker St. I have a few pictures that I have seen but if anyone finds anything else that would seem appropriate do email them to me at stephen.d.bauer@gmail.com it would be appreciated.

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As always, Have a wonderful day



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