Google vs. Facebook

This past weekend I have been messing around with Google+, and I have to say, I really like it. I look forward to when everyone can be on it and would like to see how everything works. I know that Facebook said that they are adding Skype to their user interface but from what I understand it is only one on one chat. Google+ can have 10 at once, If the other people have the capability to do so. Then only thing really holding Google+ back is whether or not they can get the Facebook user base to change to Google+. It will be interesting to see what happens and how Facebook will respond to Google+.

Last night I got an email from Google saying that my adsense account was banned do to "invalid activity". I tried to appeal it and after a "careful review" I got an email two hours later saying that they would not reactivate it. So, no more internet money for me.

If anyone wants a Google+ invite leave your email address in the comments section and I will fire it off. As always, follow me or click to RSS feed button to subscribe that way.



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