Good Times and Bad Times

Hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day. Unfortunate for me it rained and fireworks got canceled. Instead my fiance and I stayed in and watched "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest", the third part in the Millennium Trilogy by the late author Steig Larsson. Sadly this is the last of the series as he never completed the forth book that he was writing. These are the Swedish versions of the book, which are fantastic. They remain true to the books throughout, but have to leave out extraneous details. If you have Netflix they are all instant play and I do recommend them, especially in light that the American version will be coming out later this year.

The trailer for the Swedish film:

And the American one directed by David Fincher:

This morning I also decided to do what can be considered my greatest passion. Mountain Biking. I heard rumors of a new "feature" that had been installed called the Triple Hump. I was really excited to try and find it because I didn't actually know where it was. After about a hour of riding I find it.

It is about 7 feet high at its tallest point, and the last part rolls out and drops about 15 feet or so. However, I still couldn't ride the thing because apparently there was something wrong.

They removed one of the sections. That was a bit frustrating and annoying because I was really looking forward to riding that particular obstacle. All was not lost though, the section of trail that runs from that point onward to the trailhead is one of my favorite sections of trail.

Also I got to stop and eat here.

Sorry for the weird blurry pictures, I was using my phone and apparently it did not like where is was.

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